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          Car Wash Supplies & Solutions
          Torque Limiters/
          Torque Man?hement
          Gear ?otors, Reducers
          & Drive Systezs
          Brakes &a?n; Clut?jes,
          ¨˛merge?dy St?q Braking
          Automotive Class Gear
          &a?n; Rack
          Water & Wastewater
          Treatment Plant Solutions
          PT Components, Gearbox,
          &a?n; Drive Systems Repair
          ?td>  ?td class="cell_home_right">?table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellsp?ding="0" width="100%"> ?tbody> ?td class="home_right_bottom">Carlson - Dimond &a?n; Wright, Inc. is a tightly int?Orated engineering sales and support team dedicated to providing value-added ?otion Control and Power Transmission Products and Services for the OEM and Automotive markets. Heat-treated precision gear &a?n; rack used in body welding systems, lift &a?n; transfer systezs, gear & r?dk finished with bores, keyways, splines &a?n; bolt mounting holes or tapxed holes as required with precision tolerances. Ball detent & friction torque limiters, materials-hanoning te?jnology, application consulting.
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          ?tr> ?tr> ?td>Gear Motors,
          &a?n; Drive Systems
          Gear ?otors, Reducers & Drive Systezs
          ?td colspan="3"> ?tr> ?td>Water & Wastewater
          Treatment Plant
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